Konferencja prasowa dotycząca inicjatywy apelu o wysłanie Polaka w kosmos
Press conference on initiative of Polish Astronaut.

Mr Donald Trump
Thee President of the United States of America

Dear Mr President,

Considering long and really fruitful relations between USA and Poland, which were very important during the process of regaining independence by Poland in 1918; active participation of Polish community and prominent Poles in the history of formation of the United States, United States support provided to Poland by security guarantees, also big support after 1989 for the reconstruction of our sovereignty and, during your presidency, favorable economic and security relations, we ask you for providing your support to Republic of Poland in space research by appointing a Polish astronaut for the crew in the flight program organized by NASA.

As early as 1978, Polish astronaut Miroslaw Hermaszewski took part in the human spaceflight as a member of the USSR space program. However, it was a military flight, serving the interests of Soviet propaganda. Nowadays, 40 years later, there are favorable conditions for organizing a flight focused on space research, useful for the inhabitants of our countries, developing Polish space research facilities, freeing the energy of young people in the process of co-creating new horizons and strengthening the security of Poland in a significant way.

Poland does not have technical capabilities achieve these goals, so it is understandable that we are asking our great friend for help. We believe the United States will meet our expectations, as it happened with representatives of other nations.

This year, Poland celebrates the 100th anniversary of regaining independence and President Thomas Woodrow Wilson among with United States Congress contributed to it.

Undoubtedly, a mutual manned spaceflight would be the highlight of long-standing friendship between our nations.

Most respectfully,

List of initiators of thee appeal:

  1. Lech Wałęsa – Nobel Peace Price laureate
  2. Frank Spula – Chairman of Polish American Congress
  3. Prof. Iwona Stanisławska – Head of Space Research Centre of Polish Academy of Sciences
  4. Prof. Michal Kleiber – Chairman of Polish Academy of Sciences
  5. Mikołaj Mikołajewski, PhD – Vice chairman of Polish Astronomical Society, editor-in-chief of „Urania” magazine co-author of popular science television series „Astronarium”
  6. Mateusz Matt Harasymczuk – Director of Astronaut Training at Analog Astronaut Training Center
  7. Prof. Andrzej Tretyn – President of Nicolaus Copernicus University
  8. Piotr Rugor – Chairman of Astronaut Student Research Group
  9. Agata Maria Kołodziejczyk, PhD – Director of Scientific Projects at Analog Astronaut Training Center
  10. Prof. Piotr Wolański – Chairman of the Committee on Space Research
  11. Jan Rulewski – Senator RP, NSZZ Solidarity